Car & Truck Undercoating – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Corrosion Protection, Undercoating and Sound Deadening

Car & Truck Undercoating Cedar Rapids Iowa
Car & Truck Undercoating Cedar Rapids Iowa

Car & Truck Undercoating – Cedar Rapids Iowa

There are several benefits to Car & Truck Undercoating.

  • It offers you protection from moisture.
  • It protects the underside of your car or truck from damage from rocks and other road debris.
  • It seals all of those little cracks and crevices helping to guard against rust and corrosion.
  • It acts as insulation to help keep the road noise out.

Our car and truck Under-Body Undercoating process gives you that extra layer of protection and comfort.

Auto Armor car and truck under-body protection coatings offer superior protection to keep your vehicle’s undercarriage protected from all of the things that mother nature can throw at it.

In Cedar Rapids and all of Eastern Iowa … Car, Truck, Fleet Owners, and Vehicle Dealerships all rely on our expert staff of factory-trained technicians to do the job and get it done right the first time.

Undercoating for your Older Vehicle.

Undercoating older vehicles is just as important as undercoating your new car or truck.

Even if you only drive it in good weather, undercoating older vehicles provides added protection for them against rocks, road debris and noise. It also helps to hold the value of your vehicle longer and it can add to the resale value when it’s time to sell it or replace it.

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