Final Coat Rust Protection

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Final Coat Rust Protection

Final Coat Rust Protection is an “environment friendly” way to protect your entire vehicle body. The Final Coat Rust Protection system is also a much more effective than traditional rust protection solutions. This is because it protects areas that are not able to be treated with traditional spray solutions.

Advances in auto manufacturing, have made vehicles last longer. Even with these advancements, you still need better protection that goes beyond the manufacturer’s limited rust warranty. Spray rust protection solutions cannot protect your vehicle from all forms of rust.

Final Coat offers the most advanced corrosion protection available today. It does it electromagnetically through a module mounted on your vehicle. The module generates radio frequency pulse waves that flow through both sides of the sheet metal of your vehicle. This enhances the galvanizing properties of your vehicles sheet metal.

It is scientifically proven to reduce corrosion on automotive sheet metal by up to 99.7% The CM-3000 electromagnetic rust inhibitor offer unmatched corrosion protection that is guaranteed for up to 10 years. The Final Coat BPH-5000 hybrid module is also available for today’s Hybrid and Electric vehicle applications.

Final Coat Rust Protection – Benefits

  • Scientifically proven to reduce the rate of corrosion on automotive sheet metal by 99.7%
  • Patented pulse-wave is effective, but harmless to you and your vehicle
  • Total rust protection from stone chips and scratches
  • Eco-friendly alternative to messy chemical based sprays
  • Protects areas that sprays cannot reach
Final Coat Rust Protection

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